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The Clusterz Network©: Become a Star Affiliate and Illuminate your Earnings!

Our "Affiliate Based Marketing Method" puts affiliates at the center of our marketing activities.

There are benefits to becoming a Star

Support and be Supported 

✔ Reshare content and earn a commission: URLs, hashtags, texts, and photos. 
✔ Grow your audience and increase your earnings: You'll always know what to do, when, and how to achieve your goals. 
✔ Earn & Learn with exclusive training materials: Learn to promote our campaigns using shared photos, reels, pins, and branded videos.

Benefit from being a Collective

✔ Collaborate with other affiliates: Join or create groups that best describe your style. 
✔ Your Networth is your Network: Support each other and be supported! 
✔ Manage your potential: Create, share, promote, and elevate your social status to stardom.

We're invested in your Success.

✔ When you join The Clusterz Network, you're supported with tools to become a better influencer. 
✔ The Clusterz Network of affiliates is encouraged to support and help other affiliates spread the word. 
✔ Everyone benefits with tiered bonuses and promotional gifts for a well-done job.

Harness the Power of Collaboration for Exceptional Gains

✔ Invite your friends to join and rise to stardom. Collaborate on social media to create unique experiences with live promotions and product reveals. 
✔ Reach for the Stars by hosting your online fashion show, or create a collage of your favorite looks. 
✔ Your only limitation is your imagination. We encourage creativity and originality.

Guidance from Experienced Marketers

✔ Know what to share and when to share it; our marketing calendar provides a posting guide to reach your financial goals. 
✔ Key to Success; have a regular weekly posting schedule (3 or 4 times). You'll be notified via email or text on posting performance and content shared via our marketing system. 
 ✔ Follow the #TheClusterzNetwork and stay connected by sharing links & hashtags, liking posts, comment on reels and photos. 
 ✔ Stay in the loop; frequent challenges are created to keep your content fresh and your posts consistent.

Fuel Your Finances with our Affiliate Network!

✔ Access the Clusterz affiliate portal and get your customized affiliate link. ✔ Follow our Stardom Guides to send your posts into the stratosphere. Affiliates receive a recurring commission and are compensated a Pay Per Sale every 30 days. 
✔ Payouts on product returns are NOT included in compensation. recurring commission 
 ✔ MLM (Multilevel Marketing) redemption options can increase with each tier of The Clusterz Network. 
 ✔ Earn Bonuses for sales generated over the targeted amount on top of the recurring commission for every tier. 

Become an Affiliate Wizard and Conquer Your Goals!

✔ As a Clusterz affiliate, your vote counts when selecting clothing for collections. 
✔ Promote the products, earn a commission, and have fun. 
✔ Affiliates are featured on product pages; you will be notified when this happens. 
✔ Your images will be promoted through our branded social media ads. 
✔ Earn additional revenue with our bonus tiers while learning to become an influencer. 
✔ Contact our Marketing team through emails and texts to participate in promotional challenges. 

Unleash the Power of Partnership!

We collaborate with influencers at all levels. Learn how to create engaging posts, build a loyal following, team up with other influencers, and earn a recurring commission for sharing, promoting, commenting, and liking posts. 

As the voice of our brand, your Input matters!

Stay connected with us:
We need direct feedback on the products sent to you. 
 We need your input when selecting new items. 
 Please share and promote other stars in The Clusterz Network. 
 We'll tag you in our social ads and posts for recognition and commission.