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You will technically and legally be our affiliate. However, you will have powers that ordinary affiliates don't have, and you will roughly have equal benefits with us. Nevertheless, since we will work with you like a real partner, we see you as a partner.

Your authority will include discounting, inviting new affiliates, and optional participation in collection selection process. customers you bring to the company will permanently become part of your portfolio. In addition to commissions from your own sales, you can also earn commissions from sales made by affiliates you invite (your sub-affiliates).

In this partnership (as an affiliate), your task is to inform your local customers and/or those in your network about the existence of your online business, increase the visibility of the website, and invite those you deem suitable to become your sub-affiliates.

We will handle all sourcing and collection preparation, shipping, customer service, marketing, etc., all organizational activities. We will reach customers who come through your link via email marketing and Instagram to make sales. Most importantly, we will maintain constant communication with our partners and work to increase their profits.

The default commission amount offered by the affiliate program is 30% + 5%. You will receive 30% from your own net sales and 5% from the sales of your sub-affiliates. Receiving 30% of the net sales amount means roughly half of the net profit.

As a local business and/or individual partner, if you consider the last three articles above (our duty sharing and shared profits), you are technically launching a new business. And that too, without taking any risks. Having an online business means you can still make money even if your local business is temporarily closed (due to lockdowns, bad weather, etc.).

We will send you an offer email containing general information about our program. You click the link in this email to apply. If your application is approved, we will send you a "welcome email". you need to reply to this email to inform us of the names you have chosen for your custom URL extension and coupon code. (You can also do this yourself from the dashboard) After setting up your URL and coupon code, we will send you a guiding email.

Other affiliate programs only work with influencers, but we work with local businesses and individuals. We work with our affiliates for the long term, not just for short campaigns. Customers don't make affiliates only earn commissions with one-time purchases; they're become our affiliates' lifetime customer. Our affiliates don't make direct sales; they introduce customers to the company. They can acquire sub-affiliates and build a network, work face-to-face with customers, and more...

We've designed a system for you to reach customers, even during your busiest times. You can instantly direct them to by having them scan the QR codes we have prepared for you. Remember, your duty is not to make sales but to promote and direct people to it.

The people you direct to by scanning your QR code or sharing your link, which is prepared to direct customers to, become your customers as soon as they register. And they remain in your portfolio forever.

No. If customers make purchase via your affiliate link or QR code, your discount code will be automatically applied.

Everyone who registers using your QR code or link will become your lifetime customer. You will earn a lifetime commission from every purchase made by a lifetime customer.

No, you are not required to do so, but you can choose to share the link to any product with anyone you like.

It is calculated based on the sales price of the products. So taxes and shipping are excluded

For commissions to be approved, products must not have been returned. Commissions are approved when the refund request period expires. This period is currently 7 business days.

You can receive approved commissions via wire transfer. To make a request, you can send an e-mail to Minimum payment amount is $30.

MLM system (Multi Level Marketing) is a system that allows affiliates to invite other people or businesses to become affiliates. Accordingly, the affiliates you invite will have the same authority and benefits as you. However, those who accept the invitation become your sub-affiliates and you will earn commission from their sales.

Our MLM system has two levels. You and your sub-affiliate. Your sub-affiliate can also invite sub-affiliates like you do.

You have a "Sub-Affiliate Invitation QR Code"(and link). Everyone who scans this code will be directed to the application form page. Once they become affiliates, they will be automatically registered as your Sub-Affiliates.

There is no limit. However, it is a good idea to ensure that the people you invite will not harm the brand. These individuals will also be part of your network.

We offer our program to businesses that have a customer base similar to ours. Affiliates can invite other businesses and individuals they deem suitable. If you become our partner, we trust whoever you trust.

No. You can only earn commission from those who become affiliates through your invitation QR code (or link).

In short, it's about earning income from an unlimited number of sub-affiliate sales. If their total sales exceed yours, we suggest you consider decreasing your own commission rate and increasing the commission rates for sub-affiliate sales accordingly. For example, from (30% + 5%) to (20% + 10%).

Yes. When our partnership starts (when you become an affiliate), we will send you a video link.